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Helping Kids Enjoy The Holiday - Teddy Bear Drive

Skies Cleared and the REMAX Hot Air Balloon Was Huge Success at the Beverly, MA Homecoming

Just as my iPhone weather app predicated, the dark skies, rain and lightning cleared just in time for us to launch Big Max, our RE/MAX hot air balloon.  The views of Beverly Harbor and Lynch Park were spectacular and everyone on the ground and those who took a balloon ride had an amazing time.  The father of an autistic teenager asked if he and his son could take a balloon ride. His son's eyes lit up with excitement as the balloon lifted off.  When they landed, I asked the father if his son enjoyed the experience.  He simply pointed to his son who was literally jumping with joy, smiled broadly and said "thank you".  As dusk arrived, we announced we could only take two more groups.  Surprisingly the second group gave up their balloon ride to the next group in line, a family of four visiting from Peru.  Overall it was an excellent day!








21 Point Business Plan for My Fellow Agents

Your 21-Point Business Plan


1)   Do you have a database of names, addresses, phone #’s and other information on your clients readily available at your desk?

  1. Are you talking to 50 per week?

2)   Do you have a scheduled time each week/day when you communicate with your clients/friends? (“Hour of Power”)

  1. Do you do this consistently?
  2. Do you meet with your clients once a year for a “review” of their real estate?

3)   What are your systems for generating a continuous flow of buyers and sellers?

  1. Are you at the “cause” of what’s happening or the “effect” of what’s happening?

4)   Do you have a Buyer Interview Sheet and “Buyer Packet” readily available?

5)   Do you have Prelisting Interview Form near your phone?

6)   Have you mastered your “Ninja Selling” scripts for buyers, sellers, investors?

7)   Do you know how to use the MLS/Tax Records to do an accurate CMA?

  1. Do you understand absorption rate pricing?

8)   Do you have a pre-listing packet/book?

  1. Can it be custom generated quickly and without “brain damage?”
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Remax Hot Air Balloon Coming To Danvers - Take A Tethered Ride